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Detecting the authenticity of NFT
Security Detect
Our Advantage
Effective judgment of NFT authenticity
Through real-time detection of mainstream NFT trading platform data, GoPlus Effectively judge the authenticity of NFT
Comprehensive NFT Information
More than 20 items of NFT information to build a comprehensive NFT security framework for you
Rich transaction data
Provide multi-dimensional transaction data of each NFT in the past 24 hours
Our Detection System
NFT Info
NFT Name
NFT Symbol
NFT's Creator
Create Block Number
Website Link
NFT Trading Info
NFT Items
NFT Holders
Average Price in 24 hours
Total Trading Volume
Highest Price
NFT Authenticity
NFT Verified
Name Duplicated NFT Info
Create Block Number of Name Duplicated NFT
Name Duplicated NFT's Holders
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Use Cases
NFT marketplace, 100% of daily revenue distributed back to stakers, 0.5% fees only
Mask Network brings privacy and benefits from Web3 to social media with an open-sourced browser extension
A decentralized multi-chain gateway for identity and asset management.
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