What is signature data decode?
When transferring,the address is required to sign and verify the transaction data, otherwise the transaction fails.Transaction data contains a series of information such as the method name, the transaction address, and the amount.
Date before decode
Date after decode
Most wallets are able to decode relatively few transaction methods. Then there is a risk to the user - fewer transaction methods to decode leads to the user not being able to view the transaction details when the transaction is signed, and not being able to identify the risk.
Our Advantage
Massive source code data
Gather over 1.5M+ contract source code, and collect massive transaction method.
Integrate cross-chain data for faster detection of new risks
Aggregate data from major EVM public chains for faster detection of emerging risks.
Opportunity to decode methods for non-open source contracts
As long as its transaction methods are used by other open source contracts, we have the opportunity to decode them.
Our API is free to use. Detect the signature data anytime.
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